Your Children Reflect You, What Are They Saying?

I am constantly telling my children that they are representatives of Christ and of our family. And when they are speaking to others on a platform they are also representatives of the organization they are speaking for (in many cases ICC, but it could be the church, or any other organization).

As moms, we make sure our kids have their hair brushed and clean clothes on. Why? Because they represent us. We know that if our children do not look cared for, it reflects poorly on us as the mother.

But have you ever taken time to think of how the words they use also reflect on us? It is easy to say “oh, that is just the way kids/teens talk this day!” But do we really want our kids to be talking like the world? Or do we want their words to reflect the young adults we are training our children to be?

If they were to use the words “totally” and “like,” would they have as much authority and respect as if they had spoken with conviction? If they spoke like the young adults we are raising them to be?

Please take a minute to watch the video. It’s worth it. Then please share in the comments your thoughts and add value to others!

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