Why Moms Should Read

If you haven’t heard it before, let me introduce it to you now. It’s been said by all the greats, most every famous and successful person, and basically anyone who is anything you want your child to be when they grow up…

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

– Harry S. Truman

Ask any successful person about the books they read (from what are you currently to reading, to what’s your favorite book, to what was the most influence book you ever read) and they have a quick reply for you. Why? Because as leaders, they read.

And as a mom who LOVES books and LOVES to read, I wanted my children to read too. I remember my two year olds begging for books when we went to Goodwill (you mean Goodwill sells things OTHER than books?!). And even now, a trip to the library is savored by my kids.

I admit I was one who took the Bible verse Philippians 4:8 “Whatever is true” a little too far in the beginning of my homeschool. I never read fiction nor let me kids read fiction because… well… isn’t the words “not true” somewhere in the definition of fiction?

Thankfully, I have found GREAT benefit and insight that can be had in reading fiction. Some of our deepest discussions about life and people have come as a result of reading fictional books. (Not to mention, what little boy’s life is completely without the white washing fence story from Tom Sawyer?!?!)

SO, here are some random thoughts/sites to help get you (yes you CAN find time to read) and your kids reading more.

  • Why not read TOGETHER?!?! I recently stumbled across Read Aloud Revival via Crystal Paine and am loving it! I used to read aloud all the time to my kids. I pulled out a book yesterday and off we went! Here’s a little Project Life scrapbook insert I made all about our newest read aloud!                                                                                            IMG_5739
  • Forbes Magazine discusses why leaders must be readers. As parents, we can greatly benefit from reading articles geared towards CEO’s because in all honesty Mom … YOU ARE THE CEO! So when they talk about talking to your team, that’s your family. Some good application here.
  • What about the books you want to read for yourself? How do you find time? Money Saving Mom has some great ideas here.
  • Think books are too expensive? What about a trip to the library? Are you like me and hate paying all those late fines? What about a VIRTUAL trip to the library? Goto the library with your smart phone and ask how to check out books through apps! You can check out both book books and audiobooks. We love to check out audiobooks before long trips (to the next city for a field trip or to visit grandparents in the next state). And we don’t have to worry about scratches anymore! It is all digital! :D And your local librarian is HAPPY to help you figure it all out!

So what will you start with today? Will it be a readaloud? A virtual audiobook? Let us know!

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