Weekend Links


Finding Love is a great short video which reminds us that when we have the right focus, we see the right things. (Via @ProBlogger)

It is said “Readers are leaders, and leaders are readers.” Check out two printables to help encourage your kids to read this summer! (Via Money Saving Mom)

I love how today’s leaders share how their mothers helped shaped them in Mother Knows Best (via @Dave Ramsey)

Are you trying to childproof your child’s life? Some good and must learn lessons in Have American Parents Got It All Backwards (via @Huffington Post)

A must read for moms of little sons. When Mom Has A Young Man in The Making

And last, but not least, check out this free online workshop Kids Business Ideas done not by a homeschooling parent, but by a homeschooling graduate.

Quote for the week is from John Maxwell who was speaking at the ChickFilA Leadership Conference:

“Leadership is simple: Add value to people everyday.”
– @JohnCMaxwell #cfaleadercast

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