The Power of One Word

As a mom, I am not immune to peer pressure. I am not immune to wanting to be liked. And not immune to speaking without thinking. Sure, with age comes wisdom. But sometimes, I still slip up.

A year or so back, it was breast cancer awareness month. And in honor of it, on a specific day, us women were supposed to post just one word to our FB status. That one word? The color of bra we were wearing. And keep it a secret. The guys would never know.

It seemed fun. It seemed harmless. Everyone else was doing it, so why not?!?

But it wasn’t harmless. Not only did the men know, but many of the godly men spoke up asking us to stop. Why? Because men are visual and many were having a difficult time preventing their wife’s friends in their colorful bras from appearing in their mind.

At the time I had shared, I had thought nothing of it. I later realized that was the problem. I didn’t think anything of it. I hadn’t even thought about how something like that might be personal and intimate, and how that might affect others.


In one sad moment, I realized that everything we say and do has an effect on others. Even something as simple as one little word.

I learned a very valuable lesson that day that I have been trying to pass onto my children. The value of putting others first in everything… Whether it’s one word or 140 characters. If I had thought about who would be reading my post and the purpose behind it, I would not have posted.

Do I still mess up? Yeah, sometimes. But I am getting better. And passing a valuable lesson onto my children. Will they make mistakes? I am sure they will. But if they can make this one less often than I do… I am one step closer in raising my children to be better than me.

What about you? How can we help our children in this day and age of one liners and 140 characters start thinking of others first?

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