Have You Thanked Your Child Today?

We are in the midst of a very difficult time in our lives. And so tensions are high and every one is stressed. And whenever everyone is stressed, it is even easier for the smallest of things to set one off.

This was me yesterday. After cleaning and decluttering more, I came home and realized just what a mess the kitchen was. But what really threw me over the edge was the smallest of things: my french press had been used who knows how long ago by one of the kids to make tea and was not washed out and was now all moldy.

I began to rant about how frustrating it was that I was doing this and that to get the house ready to sell and why couldn’t someone see that the sink was full and dishes needed to be done?! And why was my french press used and not cleaned immediately?! And … and … and….

Is it just me, or has anyone else been there??

Afterwards, once my emotions calmed down, and the kitchen was clean, I had time to really and truly think through the situation and start seeing MY part in it all:

  • With being overworked with so many things in preparing the house and decluttering, I had let things slide instead of staying on top of them.
  • Because of this, it was difficult to even see that the french press was in the back and needed to be washed.
  • In my anger, I failed to see and realize the stress my children and feeling and realizing that they are doing way more than they have in the past – even with all the stress they are feeling.

It was right then, after that thought process, I thought


Whether it is the workplace or the home, everyone likes to feel appreciated. It is just part of developing a heart of thankfulness and gratitude in myself and in my children.

So I went and wrote each of them a thank you letter and placed it by their bed so they would see it and read it when they woke up in the morning. I thanked them for the hard work they have been doing and apologized for the harsh tone I had with them in my frustration the night before.

handwritten thank you note


Our kids TRULY want to please us! But it is discouraging to think that nothing they do is ever good enough! I have realized that by taking the time to thank my children for their help around the house, it not only encourages them to do more, but helps them to know that what they are doing makes momma happy. Because they really really want to make momma happy!!

What about you? When was the last time you thanked your children for the help they do around the house? What are some great ideas for showing them thanks?

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