My Goals for 2015

I know… I started a blog. And then life happened. But now I want to get back into blogging and I am doing so by sharing my goals for 2015.

I will admit that I am a huge fan of Crystal Paine. her recent post about her 2015 goals are a major jumping start for mine.

I was recently reading Michael Hyatts free ebook about how to have your best year ever and something in there struck me:

The bottom line is that high achievers set goals that harness their emotional energy. “I set myself up to win by setting a clear vision for what I want to accomplish this coming year and why I want to accomplish it,” Lewis Howes told me. The power is in that word why.

It’s so simple! I have LOVED Simon Sinek’s Start With The Why TED talk (if you haven’t seen it yet, it is a VERY good one), but never thought about applying those to my goals!

So I though instead of just writing down my goals for the upcoming year, remember the WHY will help me to accomplish them.

My Goals for 2015


Why – It is too easy in the everyday of life to let too much time go by without doing something fun to show my man how much I love and adore him

  • Write one love note a month to my husband

Why – He needs tangible reminders (not just the words I speak and the things I do for him) to remind him of how much I love, appreciate, and respect him


  • Read aloud one book a month to the kids

Why – There are really good character building, spiritual strengthening books out there that my kids could read on their own, but reading them together grows a bond between us and gives us a language in word pictures we can all easily and quickly relate to.

  • Write one love note to each child each month

Why – My children also need something tangible to remind them of how much they are loved and wanted, plus it is a great way to start communication between me and the kids that will prayerfully continue throughout their adult lives.

  • Do one fun, outside the box thing with my kids 6 times this year

Why – I want my kids to remember to enjoy life. Some of my best memories of my mom are when we were just dancing, or playing her old records and she was singing along. I want my kids to have good memories of their time with me and with each other.


  • Learn to give myself a manicure

Why – My husband loves it when my nails are done. But manicures are a luxury item for us right now, so learning this will help me to have healthier and prettier nails. I will feel pretty and it will make my husband happy.

  • Read 2 books a month.

Why – Readers are leaders and leaders are readers. :D If I want my kids to be reading more, I need to be the example. Plus I have a lot of personal growth when I read.

  • Do either Couch to 5K (via and app) or P90X (or both this year)

Why – I want to be healthier and more fit so I can keep up with my kids without losing my breath.


  • Meet with a financial advisor and get our finances back on track

Why – we have been very foolish with our money over the past few years. We need the accountability of someone who can help us make wise choices with our money and achieve our goals (like saving up to pay for three weddings!)


  • Each week learn something about making my blog better and apply it

Why – I truly hope and believe my blog can add value to the lives of others, and I need to be growing the blog to reach those whom God would bless through it.


So there it is! What are your goals for the upcoming year? Have you ever thought about the why behind each of your goals before? How do you think asking why will help you stay motivated to reach your goals this year?

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