Letting Go

What if I told you that you could pack up your house of 7 in three days, move, and unpack all your belongings in three more days? Would you say impossible?! I know I did when I first heard my friend of 5 girls and a husband had done this very thing.

My husband recently had a conversation which involves the possibility of us moving. Most likely to downsize, but sometime in the future, we might have to move for the sake of a job.

This made me realize that we might need to move, at any time, and quickly. In a house with four children that home schools, that will not be an easy task. At least, not for us. But then I thought back to my friend. If she could do it, I could do it.


The difference between her and me (and most likely you too) is that her home was not cluttered. Her home was filled with beauty and love, and yet, was lacking nothing.

I have been on this journey of cleaning and deculttering for over a year now (which I will share more of on this blog in the future). So thankfully, most of the junk is out of our house. But when I thought about the need to possibly move, I took a good long hard look at my house.

I still see piles of stuff here and there. Magazines that have never been read (and will they ever be??). Piles of clothes that no longer fit or styles I never wear. Books that I plan to read someday. Projects that were started, but never finished. I sure do have a lot of stuff that I don’t necessarily need… Or love.

“If every item in your home has a time cost, then it’s important to evaluate which items you’re willing to spend your time on and, quite frankly, get rid of the rest.” – Mandi Ehman, How To Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

It is amazing how much easier it is to let go of things when I think in terms of need or love. We have all heard those terms before (who hasn’t heard of FlyLady?!), but when I went to apply them in the past, I was confusing really really like for truly LOVE. And because we had the space and the freedom, I kept them.

But now, I am looking with fresh eyes. Eyes that realize everything is replaceable. Eyes that realize the possible future need to downsize and be able to move quickly. Eyes and a heart that realizes the need for a haven in my home.

The picture above is a tiny corner of our master bedroom that I focused on need and love. Believe it or not, I got rid of one huge trash bag worth of trash and some clothes then I put other clothes where they belonged, folded sheets and put them away, put papers where the belong, and now have a small tiny haven in the bedroom.

And with these fresh new eyes, I am planning on making the rest of the house this way too.

Do you have a hard time letting to of things? Have you confused really really like with love? What would happen to your house should you let more things go? Please share below and add value to others!

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