Why Your Kids Need A Quiet Time

Anyone remember those commercials? A harried and over stressed woman screams for a bubble bath! And Calgon (a soap company) promises to take her away to a place of no stress!

Well, the reality of us getting taken away by bubbles is slim to none. But we can reclaim some sanity every day by implementing one little thing.

Quiet time.


I am not talking about time with the Lord, yes that is important. But I am talking about having one hour a day where there is peace and quiet in your house. A time for you to recuperate and a time for your children to rest.

Why do children need alone, quiet time? I believe it is important for children to have alone time to develop their creativity and learn how to entertain themselves. I will tell you that I rarely hear my children tell me they are bored. And they seem to get along better on days were they have time to be away from each other.

When the kids were babies, quiet time was easy. They took a nap.

When they were still little, but not quite taking naps everyday, I would put them in their room with a locked gate. Their room was a safe place for them to play.

As they grew, I would keep them separate for their quiet time. One would be on the couch, one in the bedroom (usually the one most likely to take a nap), and one in the kitchen. All separately doing their own quiet time activities.

Sometimes they would listen to audiobooks, other times, just music. There were and still are no movies or TV to placate them. They are an active participant in their quiet time. And as long as the activity was quiet, I really didn’t mind whatever they chose to work on: building blocks, LEGOS, puzzles, drawing, coloring, reading, the list is endless.

But you need to do what works for you. If TV/videos are needed for you to have some time, then by all means sit the kids in a room (with a locked gate if necessary) and tell them to sit quietly and watch, and Mommy is having quiet time too.

Having a quiet time allows me to have some time away everyday. My door is open, but the kids know not to bother me unless it is an emergency. Sometimes I nap, sometimes I have quiet time, other times I catch up on some emails or links I wanted to read. It allows me time away everyday to refresh and be new for the kids. And them having time away from one another seems to be really helpful in keeping everyone getting along well.

What about you? Do you have a quiet time at your house? If so, what things help you implement quiet time? Please share in the comments and add value to others!

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