Keeping the Marriage Strong with Love Notes

You’ve probably heard it said that the best way to show your kids love is to have a strong marriage. And I don’t know many wives who don’t like to work on and improve their marriage. No matter how good it is, we always want to make it stronger and better!

So, always on the lookout for great ideas, I loved when Crystal started sharing her weekly goals. She always has “write love not to Jesse” as a goal for the week. EVERY. WEEK. Not sure where I read about her using a water pad in the shower (she mentions in the comments on this post about it and where to get it), but I love the idea!

Sadly, it’s not in our budget right now to buy it.

HOWEVER, I recently discovered this cute iPhone app! It’s free and makes it so easy to send cute love notes via email or text message!
Red Stamp

Here’s a note I sent to my husband last night after doctoring up a photo I had taken of him with our youngest. This app is so easy to use. So go get it and send your hubby a love note!!

(No affiliate links are in this post and I did not receive anything for this post. I just REALLY love this app and am so happy to share it with you!)

What about you? Do you have a creative way you share love notes to your husband? Share with us so we can all build a stronger marriage!

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