Goals Week 6

I was good to myself. I took time and gave myself grace to recharge a bit. :D So it’s time to review my goals:

My for Goals Week 5


  • Finish listing items to sell and start clearing out the home to prepare to sell (and yet, I have even more!)
  • Watch The Hobbit (Smaug) with EE (she’s been begging for this)
  • Finish responsibilities letter for EE’s birthday and AA’s birthday (once they have turned 12, each year on our daughter’s birthday,they get a letter giving them more responsibilities and privileges as they move one year closer to adulthood).
  • Spend some one on one time with AA and ask her about her dreams


  • Finish the hat I started (I did not get to finish, I didn’t even do one stitch, and that is OK)
  • Give myself grace to realize I am in a different season in my life and things are hard right now – let the little things go, and hold onto the BIG things (like relationship with God, my husband, and my children.

SO moving on, this month is going to be a BUSY one! So much to do and get done.

Goals for Week 6


  • Make another 21 day list to help me get the house ready
  • Create daily to do lists to help me stay focused throughout the day
  • Set up a date with my hubby (use the free gift certificate we got)
  • Each day play a game with the kids (fun time with them but also weeds out the games we don’t like)


  • Pick a new book to read
  • Organize the podcasts I listen to so I can get through them easier
  • Remember to check Feedly to stay on top of my blog reading

What about you? What are your weekly goals? Share a link to your weekly goals in the post below! Don’t have weekly goals? Share how you keep on track for the week!

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