Goals Week 5

My goodness yesterday was a difficult day! And yet even in the difficulties, God was gracious and showed Himself through friends both old and new. So how did you guys do with your goals?

My Goals from Week 4:


  • Continue listing items to sell (what a blessing it has been to sell so much of my precious items to others!)
  • One hour alone time with JJ (Mon 1-2)
  • Pray for husband – for clarity, direction, wisdom, and discernment
  • Plan an AMAZINGLY FUN AWESOME thing to do with the kids for Friday (not sure how AMAZING it was, but we definitely had fun watching a movie together and then spending Saturday playing games together)
  • Learn to make a good hamburger (I created a Pinterest board in my quest, and discovered a video from the creator of our FAVORITE burger – the SMASHBURGER! And I made it and it was GOOD! I did not have “the smasher” they talked about, nor did I use a brick, but I did give it a GOOD smash with a my spatula – and it was tasty! I was able to get SIX BURGERS out of a pound of meat this way!


  • Find and make a hat (I am LOVING this one and am 75% done using yarn I had bought two years ago).
  • Get back into daily tracking what I am eating with the Two Grand app (it’s free – my name is lvg4him on there, let me know if you join so we can follow one another)
  • Find a prayer app to track all the people I am praying for (do you have a suggestion? Share in the comments please!)
  • Keep on blogging and keep on learning one new thing each day about blogging
My Goals Week 5


  • Finish listing items to sell and start clearing out the home to prepare to sell
  • Watch The Hobbit (Smaug) with EE (she’s been begging for this)
  • Finish responsibilities letter for EE’s birthday and AA’s birthday (once they have turned 12, each year on our daughter’s birthday,they get a letter giving them more responsibilities and privileges as they move one year closer to adulthood.
  • Spend some one on one time with AA and ask her about her dreams


  • Finish the hat I started
  • Give myself grace to realize I am in a different season in my life and things are hard right now – let the little things go, and hold onto the BIG things (like relationship with God, my husband, and my children.

What about you? What are your weekly goals? Share a link to your weekly goals in the post below! Don’t have weekly goals? Share how you keep on track for the week!

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