Goals Week 2 of 2015

I love reading through other blogger’s goals for the week. It really encourages me and helps inspire me. I am not sure my goals will do the same for you, but who knows, maybe you will be blessed and encouraged! :D

I do feel I need to say that the hour of time alone with each child weekly doesn’t mean I only spend one hour of alone time with my kids. There are many times throughout the day I have alone time with the kids, where we have deep talks, or deal with issues that have arisen. The hour of weekly time is something that is planned and is the child’s choice of what they want to do during that time. It helps me to make sure I am doing something each child wants at least once a month. :D They also have date nights with Daddy, and there are times where I will just pick one and say “Let’s go!” and we head out somewhere to do something fun together.

From Week 1:


  • Hour of time with my oldest
  • Clothes to resale shop (sadly a winter storm prevented me from getting out to do this)
  • 21 Days plan – write it and start implementing it
  • Know what husband’s interviews are and help him
  • Plan what to do for date with hubby on Sunday  (I chose this fun Mad Libs to do on our Starbucks date – we have free gift cards from earning online)



Goals for Week 2:


  • Continue implementing the 21 Days plan
  • One hour alone time with EE (Mon 1-2)
  • Help hubby prepare for job interviews
  • Clothes to resale shop (yea for good weather this week)
  • Start new read aloud with kids



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