Goals for Week 3 of 2015

How are you guys doing on your goals?? Share your goal link in the comments below! :D

My Goals from Week 2:


  • Continue implementing the 21 Days plan  this has been so helpful!
  • One hour alone time with EE (Mon 1-2)
  • Help hubby prepare for job interviews
  • Clothes to resale shop – ugh! I totally forgot to grab these on the way out when I left Friday, but my mind was on a funeral so I have an excuse, right?
  • Start new read aloud with kids  we are reading through Charles Lamb’s Tales From Shakespeare


My Goals for Week 3:


  • Continue working on the 21 Day Plan to declutter house and prepare the house to sell
  • One hour alone time with MM (Mon 1-2)
  • Help my husband with his daily to do lists – check them every morning
  • Get those clothes to the resale shop this week as well as bags or yarn to resale
  • Plan date for Sunday with hubby


  • Been wanting one of those ear warmers I saw in the store, but it costs $25!! I found one I can crochet (and make it pretty with flowers too).
  • Get back into daily tracking what I am eating with the Two Grand app (it’s free – my name is lvg4him on there, let me know if you join so we can follow one another)
  • Choose the next book I am going to read
  • Add Say Goodbye To Survival Mode to my Goodreads account
  • Keep on blogging and keep on learning one new thing each day about blogging

What about you? What are your weekly goals? Share a link to your weekly goals in the post below! Don’t have weekly goals? Share how you keep on track for the week!



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