Does Your Child Know They Are Capable?

Training your children to have a servants heart is not easy and is sometimes met with resistance. Especially when you are stretching them. But I am quickly learning that by encouraging my kids, and then stepping back… It gives them room to step up and realize they are capable of more than they thought.


My oldest daughter has a persuasive speech to write. We had an hours drive to visit the doctor, so I thought I would take the opportunity to talk to her about her persuasive speech and audiences.

I asked her why a person would give a persuasive speech. She mentioned it depended on the person. One might give a persuasive speech to gain a following and/or to gain power (not why I want my kids to give persuasive speeches, but an honest answer). One also might give a persuasive speech to improve the lives of those listening.

Ahhhhh… That is the heart I want my daughter to have when she gives a persuasive speech! Honestly, that’s the heart I want her to have in every area of life – to add value to the lives of everyone she meets!

I then picked an audience for her… The elderly. She replied she “knows nothing about what they would want to hear because my interests are so different than theirs.”

So I encouraged her instead of just picking a topic that she is passionate about, to think about what is something that the elderly need to know and do in order to be a better person or have a better life?

She thought for a moment (honestly, I know she had been thinking the whole time during our conversation) and then when she shared what she was thinking, she amazed me. Not only would it benefit the elderly, but the whole community, young and old alike. She is now praying about the topic.

So what to take away from this?

  • Don’t allow your kids to block themselves. My daughter never thought she would have anything interesting to share with an elderly audience. She wasn’t comfortable with the thought of giving a speech to the elderly. I could have let her off the hook, “I know it’s hard, I can tell you don’t want to do this, so don’t.”
  • We need to get our kid’s mind off themselves. At first, she was only thinking about her likes and how no one would be interested in hearing about that. But in asking her to think about it, she had to put their needs before herself. And in doing so, she surprised herself with ways she could encourage them and add value to their lives.
  • Don’t limit your kids with your own limitations. Honestly, I never would have in a million years thought of what she was thinking. But that is the amazing thing about our God. He created us all differently! If I had suggested topics for her speech (of which I had plenty), she would be thinking my thoughts instead of her own. I want my kids to hear God’s voice louder than mine, that they will know what God might be laying on their hearts and want to share through them.
  • While I know not everyone’s child will be making persuasive speeches, I hope you can take away from the three lessons I learned and that it adds value to your life.

    So what about you? Have you ever stepped back and watched your children step up?? Do you need to stop limiting them with your limitations? Please share below and add value to others!

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