This Too Shall Pass

The kids are fighting. Dinner is boiling over. The baby needs to be nursed.

I remember those days. The ones where I had two toddlers and a nursing baby. I was tired. So many sleepless nights. The days where I knew I needed to be doing SOMETHING school wise with the kids, but barely had the energy to get them fed, much less teach them.

Some days it felt like life was going in super speed and the only train I could catch is the one going to Failureville.

I remember the words of advice from other moms who had gotten through this and grown kids. They always said two things:
it gets easier, and
cherish the time for it goes by so quickly.

Fast forward to where I have two teens, one who wants to be a teen, and an 8 year old. I will tell you, it doesn’t get easier. I still have sleepless nights, and there are days I barely have enough energy to feed the kids let alone teach them.

I can hear you now – “what?!?! wait?!?! WHY?!?! This was supposed to encourage me? I feel like hiding in the bathroom with a box of bon-bons now thanks to you!”

But before you grab the bon-bons, I encourage you to read on.

It doesn’t get easier, but it does get different. My sleepless nights are not caused by getting up to nurse, but rather my daughter so excited to be with me and talk with me that she can’t sleep. Or worrying over the fact that someone said something that hurt them and knowing they have to go though the pain to get stronger and learn from it.

My lack of energy… well I admit that is totally my fault. I did not take care of myself or worry about my health, and now it is catching up to me. So now I am having to be even more strict in my diet than I make my kids eat – can anyone say liver green smoothies?? But the benefit is I can teach my kids what happens when you don’t take care of yourself while you are young. They have learned a valuable lesson.

And I know that even once they are out on their own, it still won’t be easier, just different. I will always be their mom and care for them and pray for them.

So while the trying times of having toddlers and a new born will pass, so will the everyday joyful moments we can have with them – no matter how young or old they are. It can be difficult at times to remember there are good times. This is one of the reasons I scrapbook.

I grab a picture of the moment and then scrap the moment. I missed the opportunity to get one of her pushing my son on the swing, but got one of them playing together inside later. I LOVE the Project Life app (currently only 99 cents) – this is not an affiliate link – I just really love and appreciate the app and wanted to share it with you – makes it super easy to do it on your phone and be done in two minutes. :D

Thankful Moment Scrapbook

So what about you? Have you noticed as the years pass, things get different? How do you hold onto the every day joyful moments?

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