About Me

About Me



Hi! My name is Paula and I am so thankful you stopped by!

I am blessed to be a stay at home, homeschooling mom to three daughters and one son. In my many years as a mom, God has taught me a lot. I have had success and I have had failures. Yet, God continues to grow and teach me. And through it all, I share with others, even my children, in the hopes that I can help them and add value to their life.

My Journey

As moms, we joke about being the CEO of our family. But why?
I mean, really and truly WE ARE CEOs!!

Once I realized and embraced this role, I went on a search to gain information and insight on how to be a better CEO. I found lots of great stuff … for business owners. It was then that I started learning about leadership and how, as a mom, whether we like it or not, we are thrust into a role of leadership by default!

But nothing really spoke specifically to me as a mom – mom as leader or mom as CEO.

So I created this blog as a collection of my own personal experiences of applying what I have learned as I continue to grow in my own knowledge of leadership. I have learned the value of bringing leadership home, and it is my passion to help YOU know how to bring leadership home!

About This Blog

I want to add value to your life. I want to inspire and encourage you in your amazing role as a mother. I want to help you raise children with the competence and character to do right, live well, and bless others. So I will share in four areas:

encouraging you in areas of raising your kids with competence and character
Home keeping
sharing ways that can help you manage your home and getting your kids to help
Growing Mom
inspiring you to be all that God made YOU to be so you can help your kids be all God made them to be
Servant Leadership
motivating you as you grow your kids to be leaders

My goal in life is to add value to everyone whom God blesses my path to cross. I have tried to live that way in my everyday interactions, and now I have felt a leading to live that way through this blog too. With the prodding and encouragement of some good friends, I have finally taken the jump and started this blog. So I will be sharing here in hopes that I can add value to your life.

If this blesses you, would you please consider signing up with one of the links above (our Facebook page has some great conversations as well as where I share great articles from other leaders to help you). And pass on this blog to others. I appreciate it.

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